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San Diego Italian-American Chamber of Commerce

The San Diego Italian-American Chamber of Commerce - (SDIACC) is a non-profit business association founded to provide services to the Italian business community and to American businesses oriented to the Italian market or products.

The Chamber's primary goals are promoting its member activities as well as encouraging business relations between Italy and the United States, with a particular focus on Southern California.

The San Diego Italian-American Chamber of Commerce is an association of professionals and businesses. It is not a political organization and respects the political views of its individual members and their right to express those views. However, the Chamber, as a body, shall neither formally endorse nor promote any political party, candidate or view.

Mission Statement

The role of the San Diego Italian-American Chamber of Commerce is to create, promote and develop business opportunities for Italian businesses based in the greater San Diego area.

In our quest to preserve and promote Italian culture, we provide our members and guests the opportunity to network with prominent Italian-American businesses and their leaders.

SDIACC College Scholarship Fund

The proceeds from all SDIACC sponsored events are used to support the SDIACC College Scholarship Fund.  The SDIACC Scholarship Fund awards financial scholarships to qualified graduating seniors and transfer students from the Greater San Diego County only.  The number of scholarships and the amounts granted vary from year-to-year.  The SDIACC College Scholarship applications are available February 1st and all winners will be notified on May 1st.